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We live in a world where information is increasing at a phenomenal rate. We are also learning new facts about how our brains work best. We can therefore learn how to be effective in learning though understanding how we learn as individuals.

At successful learning, we believe that helping those who learn and those who help people learn understand how their brain works empowers learning. It helps people engage with their progress and motivates them forward to success.

So we help by sharing about motivation, methods and memory, using the latest research to inform and inspire people, helping them obtain and retain more learning, reflect on what they are doing and why to increase application rates.

We offer courses and consultancy for successful learning and teaching. Watch out for an app we are developing to help coach, personalise and organise learning. Sign up for our newsletter and contact us for more information.

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Successful Learning Deborah Olivier

Meet Deborah

Successful learning was set up by Deborah Olivier who is passionate about developing people and seeing them become fully who they are. She sees education as a powerful vehicle for helping them achieve this as well as igniting a lifelong love for learning. She has been in teaching for more than 20 years, having studied neuroscience - helping students love learning and achieve their goals. She is currently studying teaching and learning at Masters degree level.

On a more personal level, she has a passion for good coffee (as long as others make it!), loves her husband and three wonderful children.