Get going: Rocket launch yourself!

Get going: Rocket launch yourself!

Get going: Rocket launch yourself!

A rocket launch is spectacular. As the launch counts down goes from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to blast off, the engines begin to fire, there is and smoke and the launch tower disengages. Slowly the rocket begins to move, it emerges from the smoke and gradually gains speed to launch into the atmosphere and beyond. The ground crew and spectators cheer a successful launch, that the power of the rocket has overcome the force of inertia and gravity and propelled the spaceship into space.

When it comes to starting tasks, we can often feel like a rocket on a launch pad. We have everything ready, have a destination and know what need to happen. But we also know that it is going to take a lot of effort and energy to overcome the feelings of inertia and procrastination.  But just like a rocket, we can overcome these feelings.

Below are some tips to help launch us into success:

1. Plan:

There is a phrase which says ‘fail to plan is a plan to fail’. Often we sit down to a task and have no clue what we are meant to do, which can feel overwhelming. Thinking about your plans beforehand means that you can put the energy you have into being productive rather than planning. Keep the energy for the task rather than planning the task.

One word of caution – we can spend ages creating a beautiful plan, with decorations and detail. Don’t spend too long on the plan, just enough to get you going.

2. Prepare:

This is the practical aspect of the plan. Think about what you will need to accomplish the task. When launching a spaceship, years and months go into preparation. Little details are checked and rechecked to make sure everything is in place. When it comes to us, make sure you have everything nearby. A few examples are: make your cup of coffee beforehand; get all the equipment you need to study.

3. Focus on the process not the product.

At blast off, the crew in the spaceship and on the ground are totally focused on the launch. The destination is important, but first things first, the rocket needs to get off the ground.

We can feel overwhelmed when we focus on the end goal. We spend brain energy thinking about all the small steps. For a time, we just need to focus on the journey, on being productive, on the process. This helps us overcome feelings of overload. Small steps!


These three tips can give you the extra energy to get over the inertia of procrastination and start rocket launching towards your goal. Try them out and see how it goes. Here’s to successful launching!


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