Get motivated!

Get motivated!

Get motivated!

Motivation: The desire to do things. The things that can either propel us towards our goals or keep us from them. Motivation can be so powerful but can often be elusive. So how do we motivate ourselves and others?

Research has shown that motivation comes after starting a new behaviour and not before hand! It is often the result of action not the cause of it. So sitting around waiting for that moment of inspiration is not going to make a lot of difference. Getting started is the inspiration we often need for motivation.

James Clear ( refers to this as the "Physics of Productivity" because it is basically Newton’s first Law applied to habit formation. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion once a task has been started and so it is easier to continue moving it forward. The hardest part is the start as nearly all the friction is at the beginning.

So how do we start? Get a goal. Use external and internal rewards to help you focus on the goal.

External rewards such as the photo I choose with this blog. Chocolate at strategically place points of study can help motivate us to complete a section. Or maybe it is time with a friend, a TV show or something else.

Internal rewards can be those great feeling of accomplishment when you get things done. Make sure you take a moment when you have completed a task to acknowledge those feelings.

So what is something you need motivation for? Just get started by giving yourself a reward to look forward to and remember not to eat all the chocolate before hand!


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