How to change your brain?

How to change your brain?

How to change your brain?

You may have grown up with the notion that you are just the way you are and you just have to make the most of it. You may have been labelled as not good at Maths or another subject. These thoughts or labels can lead to us assuming that our brain and abilities are fixed at birth and there is nothing we can do about it!

The great news is that this is not true. Scientists have discovered that our brains can change - it is called plasticity. That means that we can change and grow our brains - we can train our brains to do new things. Wow, what a concept! We don't need to live with the labels from the past and our futures are full of possibility.

Personally, I have started studying learning in more depth, studying it at Masters degree level. The new ideas, research and thoughts are challenging me (and especially writing 5000 word assignments). It is hard at times but the effort is worth it. What about you? It may not be something as drastic as signing up for a degree but everyday we can do something new to challenge our brains to grow.

Some thoughts to think about:

·       What is your perception of your abilities? Do you have a growth or fixed mind set?

·       What can you do for the first time to show your brain that it can grow? What about trying a new food or start to learn something new?

Our thoughts affect how we live. Challenge your brain today to grow by stepping out.


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