How to improve learning while doing nothing!

How to improve learning while doing nothing!

How to improve learning while doing nothing!

We all want to be better at learning. This weeks blog is all about how to that while not doing anything! Yes, you heard me - do nothing and improve your learning and memory. Sounds good and what I mean by doing nothing is sleeping. Research shows that good sleep is essential to learning, concentration and memory. 

This week in our home was the first week back to school after holidays. On the first day, we had to wake our daughter who loves her sleep and she cried! “I want more sleep,” she cried out! Research says that we are not getting enough sleep. In fact college students are one of the most sleep-deprived segments of our population. In the US only 11% of College students say they sleep well.

And why is this important? – well how you sleep affects so much of our lives. It affects our mood, our emotions and our learning. Rested brains learn better, focus more and consolidate memory. Better sleep means better long term memory and better learning. 

Try these tips:

1.    Make sure you go to bed early enough to get enough hours in before you wake.

2.   Turn off those electronics. Put phones in another room or turn onto airplane mode. 

3. Get into a good bedtime routine: same time, same routine. 

When babies are cranky we say, “oh they just need a nap”, but yet we don’t say that with ourselves. We can be better learners if we pay attention to the time we sleep. 

Give your brain a rest and do better on a test!


Do you have enough sleep? Does a lack of sleep affect your mood and learning? What can you do to improve your sleep?


I love your sharing. So helpful and always hits the nail on the head. We all need reminding of how important sleep is. Bless you

Evelyn Bergk - 22/04/2017 18:29:22

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