Making Learning Fun

Making Learning Fun

Making Learning Fun

Learning is something we have all done all our lives – in fact it should be one of the characteristics of living things! From the moment we are born we start learning. As babies we put things in our mouths, we experiment as toddlers learning to walk, learning where to use our drawing pens and that we can kick the ball and the cat (and learning that only one is good!) Yet often somewhere along the line, we get the joy of learning squeezed out of us. What if we could discover the joy of learning again and make learning fun.

Here are 5 ideas to make learning enjoyable again:

  1. Challenge yourself. When is the last time you have done something for the first time? Often challenging ourselves to keep discovering and learn keeps us fresh. It can give us new perspective on life and helps to give our brains a good workout. If an opportunity to do something new, try a new food, meet a new person comes along, go for it!
  2. Slow down. Life is a rush, we lurch from one weekend to the next, one holiday to the next. Take time to savour the world, appreciate the details, smell the coffee, see the fowers and you will find yourself enjoying the little parts that make up the whole. This then leads to us learning new things and let’s your brain activate in all areas.
  3. Think about your thinking. We all are different –you may have noticed - and so we all like learning different things and in different ways. Think about how you learn best, what you enjoy learning and then apply this. Every time you learn, think about how it went –you will soon find that this helps you improve which is bound to make learning more enjoyable.
  4. Set goals. Every New Year we all make new years resolutions, things we want to improve in. Often these involve eating better or exercise, but what about our brain – so often this is neglected. So what about setting some goals for brain development? Try a brain training app, enroll in a course or read something brain stretching.
  5. Little and often. Sometimes what we are learning is tough and stretching and we can either get demoralized or procrastinate. Break the task down and focus for short periods – little and often can get you through the tough parts.

Give these five points a chance and you will see that there is world of opportunity waiting for you and your brain to engage with and enjoy! What will you start with today?


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