One trick to improve your memory

One trick to improve your memory

One trick to improve your memory

Being forgetful! Sometimes it can just be inconvenient; sometimes it can have huge consequences. But how do we remember? Well I am going to share with you a simple trick to help remember important facts and also the science behind why it works

I have 3 kids who have to remember lots and lots of facts. They are at the ages where spelling and times tables are tested and facts examined and assessed. And they absorb many facts about computer games and words to songs as well. It is interesting to observe that they remember fun things a lot more easily than boring things.

This was an issue when my one son had to learn times tables for speed tests every week. It felt overwhelming to him and he wasn’t particularly interested. But he used the technique I am about to share with you and was regularly getting 100% on his test.

So, how do you improve your memory? Well, Let’s first look at how your brain works. At the most basic level, when we learn the small nerve cells in our brain make connections and join to form a neural pathway. This is like a path through which the thought you have learnt travels. As you engage with this thought or repeat it, this neural pathway gets thicker and thicker and more fixed. This is long-term memory.

So in practise this means that repeating a fact or thought embeds it more into your memory. Let me repeat that (so you remember it!): repetition leads to memory! That is what my son did with his times tables. He spent 10 min a day going over his times tables. Only 10 min but repeating everyday! That is the key, repetition.

So, what about you? Why don’t you try this out. Take a fact, a quote, something you are trying to remember and repeat it everyday…and let me know how it goes?


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