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Are you a parent who wants to see your child study engaging how they learn and study successfully? Are you a teacher who wants to see each of your students learn effectively? Are you a student who wants to learn more successfully?

Successful learning aims to give each child at school the key life-skills of understanding how their brain works and how they learn. This can then be applied to any subject for success! The most valuable asset you can give your children is the ability to learn effectively. The world is full of opportunities and is fast becoming an information rich society. Those who succeed will be those who know how to learn, so they can grasp the information & apply it to their lives.

We help your child succeed by focusing on three keys to learning: motivation, methods and memory. Using the latest research to inform and inspire them, helping them reflect on what they are doing to increase application of their learning. A big part of learning is getting organised and taking responsibility for your own learning, so we also focus on this key skill. Learning only happens when we can apply the information so we need to be able to store it in our memories. Short-term memory is different from long-term memory and knowing how they work makes a difference. Memory techniques are useful to learn to help retain information and facts so we can use them successfully.

For older students, summarising, note-taking and research methods are key skills needed to be learnt. And then there is the exam itself, exam skills are essential to get rid of exam nerves and give your best in the test!

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“I was frustrated because I often didn’t understand my work and soon forgot it. I thought there was no way to fix this. Successful Learning helped me understand how I learn best, learn in more depth and the ability to form answers. My results improved dramatically”

Tristan, Aged 17

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University & College

Life changes as you leave school and you may be now challenged with learning on your own. You many have never thought about how you learn or have had to organize your own study time. You may be struggling to live up to your full potential in exams and assignments. We can often focus on what we have to learn rather than how to learn. You may have never thought about your own learning before - now is the time to own your learning and engage with it.

Learning the science about how the brain works and yours specifically as well as how you learn can empower you to be able to study more successfully. You can learn to overcome feelings of procrastination and get motivated to succeed.

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Successfully Learning University & College
Successfully Learning Corporate (Business, NGO)

Corporate (Business, NGO)

Information is changing daily at an outstanding rate. We need to position ourselves as learners and help others in our organisation learn and effectively pass on our new understanding to others.

We need to successfully teach and train others, but how do we measure whether our training is successful? So much is being learnt about how our brains learn and how therefore we need to help optimize teaching, training and learning for successful outcomes.

What we offer:

- Seminars for course directors and/or trainers.

- Consultancy to assess how well courses are designed for successful learning and application as well as the learning culture of your organisation.

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“Our teachers felt ill equipped to teach effectively. Since the Seminar we are so excited with the culture of learning in our organization, where leaders/ teachers feel safe to be evaluated and encouraged towards excellence. Teachers were equipped to teach with confidence and when the teachers are equipped to teach effectively, it enables the learners to understand and apply the material, which then leads to much growth and transformed lives.”

F. Lubbe (Director FTC, George)

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